Sitemap - 2024 - The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

Jenny Lecoat Turns Setbacks into Success and Eliza Jane Brazier's Advice on Punching Up Your Premise

Abigail Wild on Authenticity in YA and Black Buck Author Mateo Askaripour Shares His Writing Routine

May Cobb Makes Time to Write, and Katherine Wood Makes Us Starry-Eyed

Bestselling Author Renée Carlino on the Joy of Writing Without Following a Synopsis

How Kirsty Greenwood's Future Self Keeps Her Motivated to Write

Bestselling author Lesley Crewe on avoiding the pitfalls of an omniscient POV, and The Change author Kirsten Miller switches genres⎯again!

Books with Hooks Feedback June 27, 2024

Ted Fox and Tasha Coryell on how to keep going even when writing is hard, finishing a novel 150 words at a time...and more!

Bestselling author Claire Lombardo returns (and Bianca somehow manages to keep her sh*t together)

Books with Hooks Feedback June 20, 2024

Elizabeth Stix and Ananda Lima want you to get out of your own way

✨ Jackie Khalilieh shares her inspiring journey to publication ✨

Books with Hooks Feedback June 13, 2024

Caitlin Weaver on navigating the potential pitfalls of multi-POV stories

✨Annabel Monaghan on writing that evokes all the feels✨

Books with Hooks Feedback June 6, 2024

Susie Orman Schnall on how following story structure rules can actually lead to more creative freedom

✨Vanessa Walters on why you need to trust what "makes writing fun for you"✨

Books with Hooks Feedback May 30, 2024

Mikki Brammer on trusting your gut (even when it tells you to do something weird)

✨Samuel Burr on "big stories in small worlds" and why nothing worth solving is ever easy✨

Books with Hooks Feedback May 23, 2024

Alison B. Hart on finding the "side door" into your story, and Rachel Kapelke-Dale and Nicolas DiDomizio break the rules

✨Veronica Roth on the evolution of her drafting and outlining process ✨

Books with Hooks Feedback May 16, 2024

✨Danila Botha and Nicola Solvinic on learning from other writers (and genres) and trusting the process (and yourself!)✨

✨Sara Read on the art of rewriting✨

Books with Hooks Feedback May 9, 2024

✨Deepa Rajagopalan on knowing more than you show✨

✨Kelly McMasters on metaphor and meaning in memoir✨

Books with Hooks Feedback May 2, 2024

✨Christine Read on children's books, Matthew Hubbard on writing queer characters in YA, and April's Substack Original✨

✨A Mighty Blaze's Caroline Leavitt on not letting rejection get to you✨

Books with Hooks Feedback April 25, 2024

✨Adib Khorram, Amy Nielsen, Chris Gavaler, Nat Goldberg and all that sh*t✨

✨Sara Koffi on finding your sweet spot genre✨

Books with Hooks Feedback April 18, 2024

✨Nick Medina on focusing on your accomplishments✨

✨Fiona Williams on choosing the best POVs to tell your story ✨

Books with Hooks Feedback April 11, 2024

✨Chanel Cleeton on finding a creative process that works for you✨

✨Mary Kubica on the thrill of domestic suspense✨

Books with Hooks Feedback April 4, 2024

✨Anthony Oliveira on finding the muse in your chair and ignoring the naysayers✨

✨Book promotion, finding a PR hook, and querying as dating, oh my!✨

Books with Hooks Feedback March 28, 2024

✨Freya Sampson on writer's block and choosing an agent that shares your vision✨

✨Garrard Conley on leaving just enough research fingerprints on the page✨

Books with Hooks Feedback March 21, 2024

✨Neely Tubati Alexander on getting those sh*tty words down, and turning imposter syndrome into motivation✨

✨Johnny Compton on balancing tension with curiosity seeds✨

Books with Hooks Feedback March 14, 2024

✨Stephanie Dray on breaking writing rules, writer's block, and what she loves about her genre✨

✨Kate Hilton and Elizabeth Renzetti share tips for writing a co-authored novel✨

Books with Hooks Feedback March 7, 2024

✨Melissa De La Cruz on building a writing network and being a survivor in publishing✨

✨Maura Cheeks on being intentional with your timelines✨

Books with Hooks Feedback February 29, 2024

✨Melodie Edwards on rejection and how she got her agent, and a Substack Original on when editors leave✨

✨“Take it day by day:" Ruth Behar's writing mantra✨

Books with Hooks Feedback February 22, 2024

✨Scott Alexander Howard on writing about grief, and Kristen Bird on getting an advance✨

✨Robin Oliveira on torturing your characters while keeping your intentions clear✨

Books with Hooks Feedback February 15, 2024

✨Lucinda Halpern on common first-time errors and misinformed guidance about queries✨

✨Elba Iris Pérez on how writing contests can launch your career✨

Books with Hooks Feedback February 8, 2024

✨Richard Roper on his go-to writing mantra and writing from within ✨

✨Not one, but two NYT bestselling authors!✨

Books with Hooks Feedback: February 2, 2024

✨Charlene Carr on writer's block and comparison as the thief of joy✨

✨“It's time to put aside our differences and have reverence in the universal oneness that my indigenous ancestors fought for,”: Angie Elita Newell on the power of books✨

BWH Feedback for January 25, 2024

✨Exclusive Video: 5 Book Promotion Tips You Can Easily Do✨

✨Veera Hiranandani on everything middle-grade✨

Books with Hooks Feedback for Veena Hiranandani Episode

✨Exclusive: Bonus Podcast Episode, and more!✨

Query Feedback for Chelene Knight Episode (January 4, 2024)

✨Julie Chavez on boundaries and community✨

✨Big News!✨

✨Chelene Knight on finding your audience✨

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